Best Front Door Locks | UK Guide | 2023

Best Front Door Locks

If you are worried about home security, you should consider replacing your existing front door lock. You have a good range of door lock options available, ranging from traditional night lock mechanisms that are incredibly reliable, to more contemporary smart mechanisms that can be accessed via smartphone apps. Unsure of what option is best for your front door? Our buying guide explores some of the main criteria to consider when choosing from the best front door locks.

Standard Door Locks

If you only want to spend a small amount on a new door lock, a traditional system with few extra features is the best way to go. Even the most basic front door locks will provide you with a deadbolt function, with anti-drill protection ensuring your lock can not be tampered with. The most basic front door locks tend to use a single locking cylinder, with simple keyed operation allowing you to lock your door from the outside.

Night Latches

If you want an extra level of security, make sure you go for a front a door lock that includes a night latch. These latches can be manually engaged when you are inside your home. You can also engage them from the outside, although this will mean your door will need to be unlocked again from the outside with a key.

Smart Lock Devices

If you want to bring your home security up to date, you should think about looking into a smart lock. These locks are an ideal option for those who want a reliable way to secure their home when they are away from it, while also giving you remote access for viewing things like entry logs. Smart door locks are fairly easy to install, but they do require some additional components in order to work them.

For starters, you will need to download an app to your smart device to ensure you can unlock your door remotely. You will also need to ensure this device is with you at all times. However, some contingencies are often provided with smart door locks, with conventional key access often supported as a backup. Smart front door locks usually use wireless networks in order to function, which can cause you an issue if your network goes down. However, many devices also utilise Bluetooth connectivity, which overcomes any network downtime issues.


If you are looking to replace an existing front door lock, you should make sure you are purchasing a model made from high-quality material to ensure it performs well for as long as possible. The main housing should be made from a high-grade metal or alloy, with stainless steel being a reliable material. The internal mechanisms will also need to be made from a robust material to ensure wear and tear is kept to an absolute minimum. The parts of your door lock that will be exposed to the outside also need to be able to cope with weathering.

Insurance Implications

When choosing a new front door lock, make sure it adheres to the requirements of any insurance policy you may have taken out on your building and contents. If your door lock is not covered by your policy, you will not be able to claim money in the event of a break in.

Product Reviews – The Best Front Door Locks

Need to improve your homes security? Below are some of the best front door locks around that will provide you with the guarantee that your home is protected.

Yale 05/101200/MB – Linus Smart Lock – Matt Black – Keyless and secure door lock

If you are a fan of smart devices and digital assistants, this Linus Smart Lock from Yale will appeal. This smart locking device can replace a conventional front door lock, allowing you to use your phone or other digital devices to gain entry into your home. Provided you h ave first downloaded the Yale Access App, you can use your wireless device to automatically unlock your door as you arrive home. The device makes use of geo-fencing technology, ensuring your door is only unlocked when you are in close proximity to the door itself.

This lock is also a very secure option. With 2-factor authentication as standard, anyone attempting to gain access to your home will need to provide additional proof of identification. TLS and AES encryption are also utilised to make this a particularly safe option. You can also send secure keys to visitors, allowing them to use your smart lock without having to carry a key. The Linus Smart Lock can also be installed relatively easily, with the housing compatible with existing lock cylinders. No complicated setup is required, with most installations taking just a few minutes.


XFORT® Standard Deadlocking Night Latch 60mm, Complete with Rim Cylinder and 3 Keys, Elegant Polished Chrome Nightlatch, External Door Lock for Front Door, High Security for Your Home or Workplace

This XFORT front door lock provides you with a durable and reliable way of improving your home security. This 60mm front lock comes with a robust knob handle for easy access, while the internal components are all built to a high standard to ensure no jams or stubborn mechanisms. A snib button is also included, allowing you to apply a deadlock when it comes to locking up for the night. You can also temporarily engage this lock when you want the door to stay open. Made from high-quality metal for longevity, this door lock comes with an attractive chrome finish, making it a good addition to new doors and exteriors.

If you have an existing night lock mechanism that needs replacing, this locking kit is an affordable upgrade. Everything you need to is included, including the night latch itself, as well as a rim cylinder and three keys. Installation is also easy, with most setups requiring just a few minutes from start to finish.


Remote Control Door Lock Kit Smart Anti-theft Home Security Keyless Deadbolt Access Control System, Intelligent Home Remote Control Lock Mechanical Lock with Four Remot

If you want to bring your front door bang up to date, this remote controlled front door lock is a good choice. This lock is made from high-quality materials, with a rust-proof battery box and durable spring mechanism. The locking tongue mechanism and other chief components are all made from stainless steel for maximum longevity. The exterior is also finished to a superior standard, ensuring it looks its best for many years to come.

With deadbolt access control, this lock is ideal for those who want to take the effort out of ensuring their home is secured. The remote control provides you with a keyless alternative to accessing your home, with the deadbolt locking automatically once the door has been shut behind you. Although this door lock is powered by batteries, it is a very efficient bit of kit.

The unit requires little battery power in order to function, ensuring you are never left with an unresponsive locking mechanism. An audible locking prompt also lets you know when the door lock is engaged or disengaged, meaning you never need to leave home with any doubts that your building is properly secured.


Yale Keyless Connected Smart Door Lock (Chrome)

Here is another first-rate keyless solution from Yale. If you are someone who regularly forgets their keys and finds themselves locked out of their property, this keyless smart door lock will prove a welcome addition to your front door. This door lock can be accessed via pin input, key tag or key card. It can also be used with a remote control or smartphone app. However, you will need to ensure the lock has been synced to an existing smart home system in order to utilise this feature.

You can also expect superior levels of security with this lock. An integrated tamper alarm means you do not have to worry about people trying to remove it in order to gain entry, while the superior levels of encryption makes it nearly impossible for people to hack the system to access a compatible pin. It is also very easy to install and is compatible with most wooden door panels. It can also be combined with a night latch mechanism, although you will need to source one of these separately.


Yale P-89-CH-CH-60 Deadlocking Nightlatch, 60 mm Backset, Chrome Finish, High Security, with Automatic Deadlock

The Yale P-89-CH-CH-60 is a tried and tested front door lock that will ensure your property is always secured when you are away from home. The deadlocking night larch mechanism can be operated via a key from the outside, as well as via manual access when you are inside your home. If you plan on leaving your home unattended for a particularly long stretch, the deadlocking feature will keep your mind at rest. The lever handle also makes it easy to operate the lock when you are inside of your property.

One thing to remember about locks like this is that once the night latch has been engaged from the outside, the door will be unable to be opened from the inside. This is something to consider if you plan on leaving family members behind at home when you leave the house. This front door lock comes with all the essentials you need to fully replace your existing locking mechanism. A rim cylinder that adheres to all standard security guidelines is included. Two compatible keys are also thrown in, along with all the fixtures you need to carry out installation.


ERA 40mm Maximum Security BS Nightlatch – Chrome Effect Body

If you need to upgrade your existing front door lock, this ERA night latch kit is a budget-friendly solution. Adhering to all insurance regulations and certified to BS3621 standards, this door lock will allow you to leave your home secured when you are off running errands or stuck at the office. The latch bolt will automatically deadlock the door once it is shut, preventing people from tampering with the lock from the outside.

The internal locking handle also provides you with added levels of security. If you are someone who likes to feel extra safe at night, this locking feature delivers peace of mind. The 6-pin cylinder also makes this resistant to more intensive tampering, including drill attacks. It can also be used for all types of doors, including wooden, composite and glass door panels.


Yale Locks P77 Traditional Nightlatch ENB/PB Cylinder 60 mm Backset Visi Pack

The Yale P77 is a classic choice of front door lock and has been used for many years. This very affordable front door lock will allow you to secure your home quickly and effectively. The night latch means you can deadlock your door from the inside via a snib button, as well as from the outside via a key. The large knob handle allows you to easily operate the lock from the inside, while the robust rim cylinder means your lock will not shift around within the door panel as you lock up or access your home.

This lock has also been manufactured with long-term use in mind. The cylinder is made from durable brass, while the nickel and bronze housing is particularly resilient to heavy use and weathering. Despite this, this lock makes a classic addition to any door thanks to its polished finish. In addition to the locking mechanism itself, two keys are also included.


Front Door Lock Buying Checklist

Above all else, a front door lock should be reliable and easy to use. If you are happy to keep things basic, go for a traditional deadbolt lock with additional night lock function. Hard-wearing construction and robust lock materials will also make your front door lock fit for purpose for as long as possible.

If you are interested in upgrading to a smart lock device, make sure you are comfortable with the technology and have access to a smart phone device. You will also need to have a reliable internet connection in your home, or at the very least, a smart device that can support Bluetooth connectivity. Finally, any door lock you buy needs to be recognised by any insurance policy you have.


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