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best patio doors

The best patio doors can transform your living space. They are a great addition to kitchen and dining rooms, allowing you to let fresh air and light flood into your interior spaces. If your lounge opens up directly onto a garden or deck, a patio door can also be a great way of opening up your living space.

However, selecting a suitable patio door is a difficult task. You need to consider available dimensions and decide whether or not you need to undertake any renovation work prior to installing a patio door system. You also need to think about home security measures, material composition and ease of use. Our guide explores all the main things worth considering when selecting the best patio doors for your home.

Size & Dimensions

If you are planning on replacing a standard door, you will be quite limited when it comes to the size of patio door you can install. You will undoubtedly need to undertake some renovation work to ensure your door frame can accommodate a larger patio door. Make sure you consult a contractor to make your life easier. You will also need to work additional renovation costs into your budget.

Number of Doors

The most standard type of patio door system includes two individual doors that open from the centre. These are also commonly known as French doors. They can be a good option for those who want to add a convenient access point to the rear of the property, while also allowing plenty of light to enter into their interior spaces.

If you want to really maximise the amount of light entering your home, you may want to go for something wider. Bi-fold or tri-fold doors are a good alternative, while larger sliding doors can also be a convenient option. However, these will usually involve more complex installation and require you to reconfigure the side of the building you are looking to add them to.

Do You Need Additional Windows?

In addition to the glass panes of the doors themselves, you may want to have additional windows included. Many patio doors also include additional window panels, housed either side of the door panels themselves. These can be a great alternative to larger sliding doors and folding door systems as they usually arrive as a single unit, so can be installed far more quickly with less preparation involved.

Smooth Opening Mechanisms

Even the most basic of patio doors needs to allow for smooth opening and closing on a regular basis. Internal beading will make the opening and closing of your doors as convenient as possible, while also adding boosting your home security. If you want to purchase a sliding door or folding door system, you will need to ensure the bottom track is kept free of debris and obstructions at all times, otherwise you run the risk of damaging your door.

Material & Waterproofing

Any patio door needs to be made to a very high standard so it can be used for many years. As a minimum, you should be looking for doors made from high-quality PVC material that will cope with exposure to wind, rain and UV light. The glass panes should also be toughened, while additional ventilation grills will prevent condensation from causing you any issues. Protective cills on the outside of the doors will also promote rainwater run-off.

Product Reviews – The Best Patio Doors

Blur the lines between interior spaces and outdoor living with some new patio doors. Unsure of what to spend your hard-earned cash on? Below are some of the best patio doors currently on offer, with a good range of products to suit all buying tastes and budgets.

2pane Sliding White Patio Doors – 1800mm x 2100mm

This two-pane sliding patio door is a good choice for people who want to keep things simple with a low-cost option. Made from high-quality PVC material, this sliding patio door ensures longevity. Meanwhile the smooth sliding mechanism at the top and bottom of the frame means you never need to worry about door jams. The white finish also makes this patio door a versatile choice.

The glass panels are also of a high standard, with toughened A-Rated panes meaning you will not have to worry about breakages and cracks causing you any issues. Door handles are also included, although the basic chrome finish may not be to everyone’s tastes. Installation is also fairly simple, with the pre-hung door frames making it easy to fit these yourself if you are looking to undertake a DIY renovation project.


Standard Sized 3 panel Folding Doors!! 3m x 2.1m

If you want a more contemporary patio door to bring the outside in, this 3-panel design is a good option. Much more stylish that a standard sliding door or 2-panel French door style, this provides you with the perfect way to maximise the amount of lighting filter into your kitchens or dining rooms. You also have some flexibility when it comes to the opening mechanism, the with the option to have the doors fold to the left or fold to the right as you open them. Each door panel comes fully glazed, with durable glass making it a good option for busier households.

You have two frame options to choose from here, including classic white and a darker grey shade. The dark grey option is particularly stylish and makes a good addition to a more modern kitchen. A modern-looking handle is included for easy opening, along with a quality lock to ensure your home security is taken care of.


ATT Fabrications Model 4 White French Door Set Single Handle 1190mm x 2090mm Anthracite Grey Outside/White Inside Left Hand Master, Open Out Dual Handle

This stylish French door is a good way to provide easy access to your kitchens or dining rooms from the outside. It is also a good option if you have a living area that opens directly out onto a patio or deck. These patio doors are fairly simple in design, with twin doors allowing for easy access. You can also open both doors fully to allow plenty of fresh air and sunlight into your home. These doors are also very durable, with the steel construction and reinforced design making them very hard-wearing.

Even the glass is very strong, with toughened safety gazing used to ensure maximum durability. They are also a good option for those worried about home security when installing patio doors. The reinforced frame and toughened glass also make these doors very energy-efficient, ensuring minimal heat escapes from your interiors. The anthracite colour also makes them a suitable option for darker building exteriors, while also giving them a contemporary flourish not found with basic PVC alternatives.


Grey French Doors 1790mm x 2090mm

These dark grey French doors are a good option for those looking for patio doors that are both affordable and practical. These doors come with everything you need to carry out a quick installation. The reinforced frame is fairly durable, with the glazing dimensions are very generous, allowing plenty of light to flood into your interiors. The glasses panes are toughened to prevent accidental breakage and damage, with an argon filling providing you with superior heat retention. The external cill is also reinforced to protect against damage from rainwater and weathering.

A premium avocet door handle is included on each door, along with shooting bolts a the top and bottom of each door panel. Quality rim cylinders and Yale door locks are also included, with six individual keys supplied so you will always have access to your patio doors. The keys can be used in either lock, allowing you to keep one panel permanently closed if you wish. The dark grey colour also makes these patio doors a stylish choice and a good fit for modern buildings.


PVCU 1.8M Folding Patio Doors Right Hand Hinged

This tri-folding patio doors are a good option if you need to fill a larger door frame. The end door can be opened independently of the overall folding mechanism for when you want to minimise access to your interiors. The frames are reinforced with steel, making them particularly sturdy and a good option for those looking to bolster home security at the rear of their properties. This folding patio door also includes internal beading, improving the smooth operation of the opening mechanism and making them a particularly secure option.

The glass panels are also toughened and line with BSEN1279 and BSEN12150 standards. This double-glazed glass is not just secure, it also ensures little heat escapes through the glass from the inside of your home. This folding door is also an attractive option. All hardware is discreetly concealed to leave a clean outer profile, while the integrated frames are particularly stylish. You will need to carry out your own installation with these doors, so make sure you have properly measured your door frame dimensions prior to ordering.


6ft uPVC French Doors with Wide Side Panels

If you want to optimise the amount of light flooding into your interiors, but do not have the capacity for a particularly wide folding door, these patio doors with side window panels are a good compromise. This patio door system includes a conventional French door at the centre, with two wide window panels at either side. The reinforced frame is made from high-grade PvC, with a steel interior making them particularly durable. Internal beading is also included, making them a very reliable option and a good choice for those worried about secuity.

The advanced locking system will also provide you with peace of mind, with the individual locks including a 7-point locking mechanism to ensure your doors are tamper-proof. Ventilation grills are included to minimise condensation, while an integrated cill means rainwater will not cause any damage to the exterior side of your door. The glass panels are also of premium quality, with an argon fill making them both tougher than standard panels and better at retaining heat. Locks, cylinders, keys and handle hardware are all included.


8ft uPVC Sliding Patio Doors

If you want the convenience of a sliding opening mechanism, these patio doors are a good option. These doors are good for smaller door frame dimensions, with the sliding opening mechanism allowing you to maximise the amount of fresh air and sunlight entering into your home. The PVC frame profile is reinforced with steel, making them very durable and suitable for regular use. Internal beading also makes these doors particularly secure, with a multi-point lock mechanism further enhancing the security credentials of this door system.

The double-glazed glass is also built to last, with little chance of cracks and damage. The premium glass will also help ensure heat remains within your interiors, making these patio doors particularly ideal for living rooms that open directly out onto external spaces. An overhead ventilator is also included, ensuring condensation does not collect on the glass panes. All hardware, locks and keys are also included so you have nothing else to buy to complete a full installation of your new patio doors.


Patio Door Buying Checklist

Planning on replacing your existing back doors with a new patio door system? There are a few essential things to remember. Firstly, consider how much space you have to work with. If you only have a small door frame opening, you will be limited to a small double-door system. If you want to install a larger bi-fold or tri-fold door, you will probably need to undertake some renovation work. This can prove costly.

You also want doors that will last for a long time, so make sure the frame material is reinforced and finished with weatherproofed material. Integrated ventilation grills and cills will also extend the overall lifespan of your patio doors. The glass is also important, especially if you opt for a door with multiple panels and additional windows. Double-glazed glass is a must, with an argon-filled construction the best option if you need to add a patio door to a living room or dining room that needs to kept warm in colder months.


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