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Best Outdoor Wall Lights

The best outdoor wall lights can transform your exterior spaces. They can be used to illuminate your decks and gardens so you can continue to enjoy them after the sun sets. If you are worried about home security, installing wall lights is a good way to make your exteriors more secure. Wall lights come in a range of stylish designs, meaning you will have no issues finding fixtures that perfectly match your exterior aesthetics. Our buying guide is here to provide you with some useful suggestions on what to look out for when shopping around for the best outdoor wall lights.

Light Intensity

If you want to illuminate a larger outdoor area, you need to think about lumens and the intensity of any wall light you may be thinking about purchasing. If you want a wall light that can be used to brighten up a deck or garden, a much higher lumens rating is preferred. Wall lights for porches and doorways do not have to be that bright, especially if you intend to use more than one fitting.


As your wall lights will be exposed to outdoor conditions at all times, they need to be manufactured to a high standard. The external housing of your wall lights need to adhere to strict waterproof standards to ensure the circuitry inside is protected.

Lampshade Glass

Not all glass is made to the same high standard. When selecting a wall light for outdoor use, make sure the lampshade is made from UV-resistant glass. Sunlight can damage the integrity of glass material over long periods of time, with this potentially limiting the amount of light that can be emitted from your bulbs. Toughened glass will also ensure that your light fittings are protected from other damage.


Consider the exterior aesthetics of your building before selecting a wall light. Is your home more traditional? A Victorian style lantern fixture will probably make a better addition to your exteriors. Is your home a more contemporary structure? Polished chrome or aluminium and curved housings will probably work better.

Sensor Technology

Although most outdoor wall lights are fairly energy efficient, you should think about preserving fitted bulbs by selecting a fixture that utilises sensor technology. Look for fixtures that automatically turn on when movement is detected in close proximity. Sensors are also handy for those who want to install fixtures outside of doorways or porches, with the bulbs staying illuminated for the entire time you are within the vicinity.


If you do not want to undertake any time-consuming installation, avoid wall lights that need to be wired into your electrics. Instead, look for battery-powered fixtures that can simply be screwed in place to exterior walls. You may also want to think about solar-powered alternatives.

Product Reviews – The Best Outdoor Wall Lights

Do you outdoor spaces need illuminating? Below are some of the best outdoor wall lights you can currently buy, with plenty of options for adding some visibility to your gardens, decks and patios.

LED Wall Lights, 2 Pcs Modern Aluminium Wall Lamp with IP65 Waterproof Indoor/Outdoor 3000K, Warm White

If you are looking for a more contemporary option for lighting your exterior spaces, these set of two LED wall lights should appeal to you. Each of these wall lights feature a square-shaped exterior, with the matte aluminium finish delivering a distinctly modern aesthetic. Although fairly contemporary, these lights are versatile enough that they can be used in any style of outdoor space. These lights are also an energy-efficient option, with the LED bulbs boasting an A++ energy rating.

Although some wall lights fail to cope with exposure to the elements, you do not need to worry about that here. These lights boast an IP65 rating, meaning they can cope with regular exposure to rain and snow. The internal bulb and circuitry will also be protected from damage, wile the external housing will maintain its slick finish for a long time. These lights are also fairly easy to install. You can wire them directly into your electrics, or mount them on surfaces and connect them at a later point. The main housing fits easily to surfaces via screw fixtures, with full instructions included so you can make quick work of installation.


Depuley Auto-Sensing Garden Wall Light with Studry Glass, Classic Black Outdoor Wall Light with E27 Bulb Base,Outside Wall Lamps for Doorway, Street, Balcony (Bulb is Not Including)

This outdoor wall light from Depuley is ideal for those who can’t decide between traditional charm and contemporary style. This impressive wall lamp boasts an iron lantern frame housing, with transparent glass ensuring the internal light provides you with maximum illumination for your outdoor spaces. The glass is entirely uniform, with no bubbles or warping that might result in light distortion. This light is also a good choice for those who want an auto-sensing function. The integrated IC sensor means your light will only turn on when it starts to get dark outside.

This wall light also accepts easily found E27 bulbs. You will not have to spend a fortune on bulb replacements with this external wall light fixture. You can also use bulbs of different sizes, with the internal dimensions of the glass housing large enough to accommodate bulbs of various shapes. Due to its simple aesthetics and user-friendly installation, this wall light can be used just about anywhere. You can add one or two to a porch or front door, or use several to illuminate large decks and patios.


Traditional Style Black Outdoor Security IP44 Rated Wall Light Lantern

If you are looking for a very affordable wall light to brighten up your outdoor spaces, this traditional lantern-style fixture will probably appeal to you. This wall light takes its inspirations from a traditional Victorian aesthetic, with a tapered bulb housing and domed top. Although fairly small, this wall light provides you with impressive amounts of illumination. A single wall light should be more than sufficient to brighten up the space around a porch or front door, while several can be used alongside each other to provide your gardens and decks with round-the-lock visibility.

As this wall light is fairly inexpensive, you should not expect premium materials. The external housing is made from high-quality plastic, rather than alloy or metal. However, this plastic is more than suited to outdoor use. The black finish will maintain its appearance for a long time, with little need to worry about rain and sunlight affecting its appearance.


SEBSON® LED Outdoor Wall Light, Up Down Outside Lighting Mains Powered, Stainless Steel Silver, incl. 2X LED Bulb GU10 3.5W Cool White

This SEBSON LED wall light is a perfect choice for people who want an ultra-modern aesthetic. Although these wall lights appear rather compact, they provide space for two bulbs, with two streams of illumination in either direction. This makes them ideal for those looking to add some lighting accents to their exteriors. The stainless steel housing is particularly eye-catching and will make a fine addition to the exterior of any contemporary building.

This light fitting requires two GU10 LED bulbs. Each of these bulbs provides you with 300 lumens of brightness, with the cool white light temperature ensuring incredible levels of visibility. Because these fittings produce light beams that hug the wall, they are not the best option for those who want to flood an outdoor space with light. However, if you want something that can be used to accent exteriors or provide additional lighting for porches and doorways, these should prove ideal.


300 LED Solar Lights Outdoor, LITOM Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights with 270° Wide Angle, 3 Intelligent Lighting Mode,Easy to Install, Waterproof Durable Solar Powered Lights Wall Lights (2 Pack)

If you are more interested in light output rather than aesthetics, this powerful LED solar light is a good choice. This LITOM security light includes 300 individual LED beads that cast light across a wide 270-degree range. Provided you have mounted one of these lights high enough, you can flood large outdoor spaces with just a single fixture. This outdoor wall light also features an integrated light sensor, as well as a PIR motion sensor.

An impressive sensing distance of 8 metres makes this fixture a good choice of security light. When activated, the sensor will trigger a gradual illumination, meaning it will not scare away pets that might be foraging around in your back yard or garden.

You also have three different lighting modes to choose from here, giving you the option of bright floodlight output or something more subtle. The external housing of these light fixtures are also impressive. The IP67 waterproof rating means you can use them in all weathers, with the hard-wearing housing designed to withstand significant exposure to rain and snow. The solar-powered design of this fixture also means you do not need to worry about replacing batteries or undertaking complex wiring for installation. It also means you can move lights around with little fuss.


NBHANYUAN Lighting® LED Outside Light Outdoor Wall Lamp Fixtures Stainless Steel Exterior Light Weatherproof 3000K Warm White for Yard Porch IP44 1000LM

This outdoor wall light from NBHANYUAN Lighting is a good option for those after something stripped-back and modern. Made from coated stainless steel, this wall fixture is designed to withstand the elements. You can enjoy the premium stainless steel finish for a considerable amount of time, with no need to worry about rust and corrosion blemishing the attractive aesthetics of this wall light.

The lampshade is also made from a high-quality material that will withstand regular exposure to sunlight. Some glass lampshades can become damaged over time by UV exposure, which can lead to distortion when a wall light is illuminated. With this fixture, that is not something you have to worry about.

The relatively pared-back design of this wall light makes it a versatile choice. While the stainless steel housing is definitely a good fit for contemporary buildings, it can also accent more traditional exteriors nicely. The split light output also sets this fixture apart from more basic options, while also ensuring you will never be blinded by your bulbs if you stray too close to the fixture.


NBHANYUAN Lighting® Outdoor LED Wall Light with Motion Sensor Outside Lights Mains Powered PIR Stainless Steel External Weatherproof 3000K Warm White Light for Front Door, Porch 1000LM IP44…

Here is another stunning wall light from NBHANYUAN Lighting worth considering. This wall light features a PIR sensor that means your fixture will only turn on when it is dark enough outside. The sensor will also trigger automatically when someone is in the vicinity, making it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly option. The unique candle design of this wall light also makes it a more visually arresting choice when you compare it to more standard light fixtures. If you want a wall light that will add to the aesthetics of your exteriors, rather than just illuminate them, this is a great option.

The exterior housing of the fixture is made from coated stainless steel. The alloy brings a modern aesthetic to the fixture, with the premium spray coating ensuring corrosion can not get a foothold. The lampshade material is also of a high quality, with no need to worry about UV rays damaging the integrity of it and limiting the light output from your bulbs. Unlike some wall lights which will only turn on for a short time, this fixture can remain illuminated for up to six minutes. If you want a stylish and reliable wall light to illuminate your exteriors, here is a first-rate option.


Outdoor Wall Light Buying Checklist

Before settling on a wall light for use outdoors, consider how much light you need to illuminate your spaces. Need to add lighting to a private garden or patio? A powerful floodlight is good for security purposes, while multiple lanterns might be preferred if you want a more relaxing atmosphere. You should also think about installation. If you are prepared to undertake some electrical work, you can think about more powerful wall lights that can be wired into your existing supply. However, battery and solar-powered alternatives require less effort.


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