The Top 10 Woodworking YouTube Channels for Joinery Techniques and Inspiration

The Top 10 Woodworking YouTube Channels for Joinery Techniques and Inspiration

Welcome Fellow wood lovers! Haven’t you just wanted to make something beautiful out of wood and show it off? Well, you have come to the right place. Today, I’d like to take you on a journey through woodworking and the top 10 woodworking youtube channels for joinery techniques and inspiration, from it’s origin to the different types of woodworking, and then even further to the world of joinery techniques, the foundation of all woodworking endeavors.

Woodworking is the craft of creating usable objects and decorations out of wood, either newly cut or re-purposed from existing sources. The wooden objects may be created out of physical material such as lumber or fabricate them from plywood and other composite materials. Woodworking typically involves the use of many power tools to wind, cut, shape, and join these materials into the desired object.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of woodworking. First, there’s general woodworking, which can often be quite broad and usually involves creating furniture, cabinets, toys, bookshelves, and much more. Then there is fine woodworking, which takes a more detailed approach and often revolves around creating intricate and accurate pieces such as clocks, desks, and chairs. But with each type of woodworking, they are united under the umbrella of joinery techniques, which is what we will get into next.

In joinery techniques, the art of making interlocking parts, is the cornerstone of all woodworking projects. In order to create something out of wood that lasts years, joinery must be used in order to make parts connect correctly and securely. This joinery can be seen in different places such as connecting boards to create a frame, using dowels to reinforce an edge, or adding a dovetail joint to a cabinet door.

Joinery is an essential skill for any woodworker and a good understanding of the different joinery techniques will enable you to create complex and beautiful woodworking projects. To learn these joinery techniques, there are several YouTube channels you can tune into for inspiration and guidance, which we’ll look at next. 

So, let’s dive in and check out the best YouTube channels for woodworking and joinery! 

What Is Woodworking?

What Is Woodworking

Welcome, folks, to the wonderful world of Woodworking! Bringing you a new and exciting introduction to the fundamentals of woodworking.

First of all, let’s define what woodworking is. By definition woodworking is a craft and trade which involves creating and building objects from wood. Its purpose is to produce furniture and other everyday objects for use in the home, workshop or office.

There are many different types of woodworking to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced DIY enthusiast, there’s something to suit your ability. Beginners can start out with simple projects such as making picture frames or birdhouses, while those with more experience can advance to more complicated projects like making cabinets or furniture.

Woodworking requires the use of basic tools such as a saw, drill, plane and chisel as well as larger power tools like a band saw, router or lathe. You can also use clamps, sandpaper and other materials such as hardware, finishes and glues.

If you’re a beginner, a good place to start is with basic joinery techniques. Joinery is a method of connecting pieces of wood using nails, screws or interlocking end-grain joints. This is a great way to join two pieces of wood for stability and strength.

For more experienced woodworkers, joinery techniques also involve creating complex, curved shapes and designs. In these more advanced projects, more intricate tools like 3D carving machines, routers and manual tools like chisels and hammers are used.

No matter your skill level, woodworking can be fun and creative. And don’t forget, the best way to learn is to watch and learn from the masters. So stay tuned for my upcoming list of the top 10 woodworking YouTube channels where you can get some killer tips, tricks and inspiration for all your woodworking projects.

Types of Woodworking

Yoo hoo! Are you ready to find out about the different types of woodworking? What types of woodworking can we possibly be talking about? All I know is that I love watching and learning about all the possibilities of woodworking – from beautiful creations to varying construction tasks.

Well, you name it and you can probably do it with woodworking! Whether it’s joinery, woodturning, woodcarving, marquetry, furniture making, scroll sawing or furniture restoration, the possibilities are virtually endless. Why don’t we take a look at each one of these amazing woodworking subcategories? 

Let’s start with joinery – this involves creating a connection between two wood parts to create a strong joint. This includes the likes of dovetailing, mortising and tenons, lap joints and dovetail joints. If you’re into making attractive yet robust furniture and structures, then joinery would be for you. 

Next, there’s woodturning which requires a special type of lathe machine. This is where you give a specific shape to a piece of wood. For example, a bowl, decorative figures, furniture legs and even wooden jewellery.

Woodcarving is another popular type of woodworking where you can create amazing relief carvings, statues, masks and figurines. It is probably the type of most ancient form of woodworking.

Marquetry is a specialised type of woodworking involving wooden inlays. You may have seen it in decorative furniture, parquetry and marquetry flooring. 

Furthermore, furniture making is the process of building furniture out of wood, whether it be a bed, cabinets, chairs or a table. This type of woodworking is also known as joinery work.

The scroll saw is another type of woodworking used for creating more intricate and detailed pieces. It is mainly used for intricate designs like fretwork and is perfect for creating detailed works. 

Finally, furniture restoration – this is when you take a piece of furniture that’s been damaged and restore it back to its initial glory. 

So, you see – woodworking is really varied, and can be used to make all kinds of unique objects. It’s so great that there are so many interesting types to choose from – which one will you try first?”

Joinery Techniques

Welcome back everyone are you ready to learn about joinery techniques?? Well, the first thing we need to talk about is what joinery actually is when it comes to woodworking. 

Joinery is the process of connecting two pieces of wood together through a strong mechanical connection. This connection is usually created by fitting the edges of two pieces of wood together and then securing them with nails, screws, or glue. It is often used to make stronger, more stable structures like furniture, doors, and cabinets. 

Now that we know what joinery is, let’s discuss some popular joinery techniques. These vary from very simple, traditional methods like dowel joints and mortise and tenon joints to more complicated joinery techniques like dovetails and biscuit joints. 

The type of joinery used will depend on the desired strength and stability needed to complete a project, as well as the type of wood and other materials being used. Dowel joints, for example, are very popular and often used in simple woodworking projects because they provide a very secure and durable connection between two pieces of wood. 

Mortise and tenon joints are often used in furniture and cabinet making. They are typically formed by cutting a mortise and tenon joint into two pieces of wood and inserting them together, forming an interlocking connection that will not loosen over time.

Dovetail joints are very popular in furniture and cabinet making, as they provide an extremely strong and secure joint. They are usually constructed by cutting small, pointed tails into the ends of two pieces of wood and then fitting them together. The interlocking joint created by the dovetail joint is much stronger than a standard mortise and tenon joint, and it’s also more attractive and attractive.

Biscuit joints, on the other hand, are a very simple and easy way to join two pieces of wood together. They are formed by inserting a small wooden biscuit into a pocket that has been cut into two pieces of wood and then securing them with glue. This makes for a very strong and stable connection. 

Well everyone there you have it, a brief overview of joinery techniques and their uses. We hope this gives you some ideas for your woodworking projects and inspires you to explore these joinery options further. Tune in next time when we will be discussing the top 10 woodworking YouTube channels for joinery techniques and inspiration.

What Is Joinery?

Joinery is an ancient skill that involves cutting and connecting pieces of wood to form structures. It is a woodworking technique that dates back to ancient times and was used by craftsmen to create furniture and other wooden objects.

In modern times, joinery has evolved and many different types of joinery have been developed. From butt joints, to mortise and tenon joints, dovetails, and pocket holes, joinery can be used to create all types of wood-based projects.

So, what is joinery? Simply put, joinery is the art of joining two pieces of wood together to form a larger structure. Joinery is the process of creating joints that create structurally sound pieces of furniture or other objects.

Joints are made by cutting two pieces of wood of the same size and shape, and then using screws, dowels, screws and glue, or using a jigsaw to cut the pieces of wood in specific shapes so that they fit together like a puzzle. Traditionally, joinery techniques were used to build cabinets, tables, chairs, and other large structures, such as bridges. Nowadays, joinery techniques are also used to create small objects, such as boxes, toy chests, or birdhouses.

To create strong, lasting joints, the right skills and materials are required. If a joint is not properly made, it can lead to an unstable structure or pieces of wood cracking over time.

If you’re looking to learn some joinery techniques, one of the best places to start is YouTube. There are plenty of channels dedicated to woodworking and joinery, and there are many talented woodworkers out there willing to share their expertise. So, if you have an interest in joinery, you can be sure to find plenty of inspiration and tutorials on YouTube. So tune in, get inspired, and start making some woodworking magic!

Popular Joinery Techniques

Popular Joinery Techniques

Are you ready to get inspired to do some woodworking? Let’s take a look at some of the popular joinery techniques! Joinery can be a complicated and educational activity, but with the right tools and instructions, it can be a fun and rewarding adventure.

First, let’s get down to the basics. Joinery is the art of connecting two or more pieces of wood together in order to create a strong and aesthetically pleasing structure. This can be done in many ways, mostly depending on the tools you have and the project you’re working on. There are a variety of different joinery techniques, ranging from the simple “butt joint” to the more complicated “dovetail joint.”

One of the most popular joinery techniques is the “dovetail joint”. This joint is made by connecting two or more pieces of wood together using angled “tails” and “pins”. These pins and tails create an interlocking structure that is both strong and aesthetically pleasing. Dovetail joints are a favorite among woodworkers, as they are highly decorative and look great when finished.

The “mortise and tenon” joint is another popular joinery technique. This joint consists of a “mortise”, which is a hole cut into one piece of wood, and a “tenon”, which is a type of protrusion cut into another piece of wood. The two pieces of wood are then joined together with a certain amount of pressure applied to create a strong connection. Mortise and tenon joints are commonly used in furniture making, as they create a substantial and sturdy structure that can last for many years.

The “pocket hole joint” is another joinery technique that is gaining in popularity. This joint is created by drilling a hole into one side of the wood, and inserting a screw from the other side to secure the connection. This joint is great for connecting pieces of wood together without having to use clamps or other hardware to hold the pieces in place. Pocket hole joints are used for drawer fronts and casework, but can also be used for other projects such as decks, frames, and cabinets.

These are just a few of the many popular joinery techniques used by woodworkers today. With the right tools and instructions, anyone can create beautiful and functional woodworking projects. So, get inspired and try your hand at one of these popular joinery techniques! I guarantee, after you finish your first project, you’ll have the bug to continue creating more masterpieces.

10 Best YouTube Channels for Joinery Techniques and Inspiration 

Ahhh, YouTube is a great place for amateur woodworkers to get into joinery and inspire their own projects.There’s a treasure trove of YouTube channels that can help you step up your woodworking game. Here’s a list of what I think are the top ten woodworking YouTube channels that focus a lot on joinery and can help you on the way to becoming a pro at the craft. 

No. 1. The Wood Whisperer is a must-see for any new woodworker. Master woodworker Marc Spagnuolo shares his extensive knowledge on joinery and woodworking. As The Wood Whisperer, Marc talks us through various safety tips and tools as well as different joinery techniques. His videos really delve deep into the process of joining wood together and share intricate designs which will help you increase the level of sophistication of your builds. 

No. 2. Steve Ramsey (Woodworking for Mere Mortals) is all about easy projects and simple, direct plans that everyday folks can replicate. Even with his channel name, Steve’s builds are fun, but his joinery skills are top-notch too. With a real focus on proper joinery techniques, and a great sense of humour, Steve’s channel should definitely be on your watchlist.

No. 3. Adam Savage’s Tested is a great channel for anyone looking for some joinery inspiration. Adam explains the tools, technology and processes behind some pretty incredible builds. His videos really demonstrate some fascinating joinery methods, like flush and half-blind miter joints and mortise and tenon joinery. His joinery experiments have produced some really beautiful projects. 

No. 4. Fix This Build That is led by Brad Roderick and hosts a ton of techniques for making unique and beautiful joinery. Brad is always coming up with new and innovative techniques for joinery and he shows off a huge variety of joint types. With his sharp wit and fun-loving attitude, Brad is sure to be your new go-to for all your joinery needs.

No. 5. I Like To Make Stuff is also focused on joinery and woodworking. Hosted by Bob Clagett, I Like To Make Stuff is perfect for amateurs who want to spruce up their woodworking projects. Bob covers a lot of interesting joinery techniques, like box joints, dovetail joints and pocket screws.

No. 6. Black Beard Projects is the perfect channel for any new woodworker. Host Brad Farrell emphasizes safety, organization, and tools in his videos. And, of course, he talks about many different joinery techniques, such as lap joints, rabbet joints and half-lap joints. With Brad’s help, you’ll be sure to make some amazing projects in no time.

No. 7. Nick Ferry is a veteran woodworker with 30 years of experience in the craft. Nick has a ton of know-how when it comes to joinery, like through dovetail joints, miter joints, doweling and biscuit joinery. With his decades of experience and sharp humor, Nick can provide you with some of the best joinery tutorials out there.

No. 8. Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt is a German-based channel that is led by master woodworker Frank Schiefer. The channel focuses on a lot of woodworking projects, and Frank is always talking about anatomy of joints, figuring out which tools are available, and finding new ways to join wood. It’s a great channel for more advanced woodworkers who want to try out some new joinery techniques.

No. 9. A Simple Design Of Ocala is a great channel for anyone looking for just a little bit of inspiration. Hosted by Mary Manfore, the channel offers step-by-step woodworking projects and quick tutorials on joinery. From furniture to sculptures, Mary always demonstrates beautiful projects with unique joinery techniques.

No. 10. Last on the list is Dad’s Woodshop. Hosted by retired nuclear engineer Rob Palmer, Dad’s Woodshop is all about making simple projects in the garage. Rob’s videos are focused on showing different joinery techniques, such as pocket holes, biscuits, dowels and miter joints. And he always has a little bit of humour thrown in too. 

So, there you have it: my top ten woodworking YouTube channels for joinery techniques and inspiration. With these videos, you’ll be sure to become a pro at joinery in no time. So, go ahead, get out there and start making some beautiful projects!

The Wood Whisperer

The Wood Whisperer

YOOOOOOOO! That’s right, friends, I’m talking about The Wood Whisperer here! This is one of the top YouTube channels for all the joinery techniques and inspiration out there. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an experienced craftsman in need of a reboot, The Wood Whisperer has got you covered.

If you’ve ever watched any of their videos, you know that host Marc and his wife Nicole bring an energy and enthusiasm to their work that is truly infectious. Whether it’s a step-by-step guide to designing and building furniture or a compilation of quick tips and tricks for making the most of your woodworking skills, The Wood Whisperer will make sure you have the knowhow to take your craft to the next level. Plus, their helpful and friendly customer support team are always ready to answer any of your questions.

The Wood Whisperer isn’t just about the technical aspects of woodworking either — they’ve also got a huge library of projects and tutorials that you can use to create your own unique pieces. No matter what types of woodworking you’re looking to get into, you can find something on The Wood Whisperer to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

The Wood Whisperer family don’t just talk a good game either, they live it. With regular trips to the lumberyard, to their fully outfitted workshops and over to other woodworking professionals, they take you along with them, highlighting their tools and techniques along the way. So make sure you check ’em out if you’re looking for joinery techniques and inspiration. Now that’s what I’m talking about! YOOOOOOOO!

Steve Ramsey (Woodworking For Mere Mortals)

Let’s give a mighty welcome to Steve Ramsey of Woodworking For Mere Mortals! Steve is well-known for his woodworking skills and the fact that he can make wood working seem more accessible to the everyday Joe.

Think woodworking is only for the elite? Steve Ramsey will have ya thinking twice! It’s time to go back to basics and learn the fundamentals of woodworking. And what better way to learn it than with one of the best channels on YouTube.

Steve has been woodworking for more than 20 years and has gained a vast range of knowledge that is clearly demonstrated in his videos. Want to know how to make a picnic bench? No problem! Need some tips for sanding? Easy peasy! From thinning trees to shelves for your dishes Richard gotchu covered.

Steve has a wide range of videos within the mortifying world of woodworking, but one of his best is his series on Making a Tool Chest. In it, he gives a detailed overview of the entire process step by step. Top to bottom, it’s a lot of fun!

And if you want to feel extra motivated and inspired (and who doesn’t?!) check out his Woodworking For Mere Mortals Workshop. Steve presents the viewers with the results of his projects, primarily built from recycled materials. Plus, hey, who doesn’t love upcycling?

He even offers additional woodworking projects tutorials on his website. Woodworking isn’t just about building things, but also having some fun along the way. Steve makes sure to bring out the fun aspect in every video with his hilarious commentary and in-depth research!

So, if you’re ready to take your woodworking exploits to the next level, don’t forget to check out Steve’s Woodworking For Mere Mortals channel! He’ll have you churning out the best furniture in no time.

Adam Savage’s Tested

You know when someone tells you “Everything you need to know, Adam Savage already knows it!” Well, that’s pretty much true when it comes to joinery techniques and inspiration. Adam Savage’s Tested YouTube channel is like the go-to place to have all your woodworking questions answered, and then some. 

If you don’t know him (where are you coming from?), Adam Savage is a former co-host of the highly-acclaimed television series MythBusters. He is also an inventor, engineer, maker and enthusiastic tinkerer. With his diverse background, it only makes sense that his YouTube page is filled up with interesting bits of content related to woodworking, machining, metal work, 3D printing and more.

When it comes to joinery, Adam Savage’s Tested is packed with tons of practical knowledge and advice from some of the most skilled and well-known carpenters. He has covered a variety of projects, from making bookshelves to custom chairs. He even built a house for his daughter! For every project he does, he dives into the process and explains the pinciples along the way. 

The best part about Adam Savage’s Tested is that he doesn’t just show up and start his project, he takes us on tour through his workshop and shares with us his very own collection of tools, methods and skills he has collected over the years. This is a great way to see what kind of tools, materials and advice he has to offer so that you can apply these principles to your own projects.

So if you want to learn about the best joinery techniques and get the most inspiring stories in woodworking, look no further than Adam Savage’s Tested. It’s a channel full of laughter, unique projects and useful pieces of advice for the amateur woodworker. Hey, it’s even make for a great watch for you non-woodworkers, believe it or not!  Go ahead, click on the video link and you won’t be disappointed!

Fix This Build That

Fix This Build That

Welcome to the journey of Fix This Build That! Originally founded by Brad & April, Fix This Build That is the place to go for all things related to joinery techniques, with an emphasis on simple ways to build things for the home. If you have a project that needs some inspiration or just need to learn a few joinery techniques, then Fix This Build That is your place!

Brad’s past as a carpenter and April’s as an engineer give their channel a unique twist. Their passion revolves around providing detailed tutorials that demystify woodworking and help build the skills and confidence to create wood projects around the home. From creating a coffee table to building a chicken coop, not only do they provide detailed plans but also videos to show the step-by-step process. 

What’s also unique is their entrepreneurial spirit, as they like to teach their viewers how to maximize their woodworking projects as an additional income stream. Together they have been able to collaborate on multiple turnkey projects and generate revenue through the success of their videos. 

Other videos include tutorials on joinery techniques, adirondack chairs, and a variety of furniture for the living room. In addition, you can find them on other social media platforms where they share projects from other woodwork enthusiasts.

To find out more about joinery and get inspired by the results of their projects, go to Fix This Build That! You won’t regret it. Eddie Murphy out!

I Like To Make Stuff

Hey y’all, when it comes to looking for plenty of joinery technique and inspiration, the channel “I Like to Make Stuff” is the place to be! Hosted by creator Bob Clagett, this channel is perfect for those with an interest in woodworking and robotics.

Bob has plenty of awesome content for joinery techniques and woodworking projects, including plans and tutorials. He’s got awesome insights from his experience with woodworking, including his tips and tricks. Plus, he often uses alternative methods for joinery and power tools, like jigs and hand tools.

If you’re new to woodworking, this channel is an excellent option for beginners. While some projects are more advanced than others, Bob does an awesome job of making sure that each and every step is thoroughly described and easy to follow. He explains in a funny Eddie Murphy tone and all his videos are highly entertaining and informative.

One of the greatest advantages of this channel is that it doesn’t just focus on joinery techniques, but it also provides plenty of other woodworking projects as well. Bob explains different aspects of joinery, as well as examples of different tools and techniques. He clearly explains why certain tools are necessary and why different techniques are used in certain situations.

Robert is also a proponent of safety when it comes to woodworking, so he’s sure to include tips and tricks regarding safety in his videos. 

Bob also goes in-depth on the materials and tools needed for each project. He provides plenty of info on sourcing the best lumber and what to look for in a good quality tool.

So, if you’re looking to gain joinery techniques and woodworking inspiration, then “I Like To Make Stuff” is the perfect option for you. There’s something for everyone, as well as great advice from a pro. Time to get crafting, y’all!

Black Beard Projects

As you start your journey into mastering joinery, you’re more than likely going to encounter “Black Beard Projects” sooner or later. Now, before you start getting any ideas that I’m talking about joining up with your local pirates, let me make one thing clear. Stick to the joinery and don’t get involved with the unsavory characters in the Seven Seas!

Black Beard Projects is a fantastic woodworking channel that had been around since 2010 and run by Albert, a self-taught woodworker who lives in British Columbia. He’s a dedicated woodworker who focuses on joinery, furniture making, and primarily enjoys making custom hand-crafted pieces. 

Albert is definitely a comedic and friendly woodworking YouTuber that encourages woodworkers with any level of experience. Additionally, you will get an enjoyable snapshot of the Canadian West Coast lifestyle on the channel, as Albert will often include scenic shots while he talks to the camera.

But at the end of the day, Albert and Black Beard Projects is all about the craftsmanship of joinery and educating and inspiring viewers. The quality of the video is top-notch, with various edited and automated camera slides, slick transitions, and high production value all combined with a unique, light-hearted style. 

You can count on Black Beard Projects to show you how to create your own joinery and look at a variety of ways to use it in your upcoming projects. From shoulder joints to half-laps, miters to dovetails, half-blind dovetails and more, Albert will show you excellent techniques for creating joinery with ease. 

Albert also shows extreme attention to detail in his joinery. Held up against a light, he emphasizes finish sanding the edges and viewing the corners in order to make sure everything fits together properly. With these careful attention to detail and humorous antics, you’re sure to never get bored while building your joinery skills with Blackbeard Projects! 

Nick Ferry

Welcome to Nick Ferry‘s woodworking channel! This guy is a real joker and has got some great woodworking content that’s sure to keep you in stitches! 

Nick is a motivational speaker and woodworker who has been creating videos since 2008. His videos are educational and full of hilarity. He gives viewers tips and tricks on how to get the job done right, and in a funny way at that! Plus, he’s also got a few woodworking projects that he’s accomplished himself, so you can get inspired by his work as well. 

Nick’s woodworking tutorials focus mostly on joinery techniques. He likes to talk about using mortise and tenon joints to join two pieces of wood together, and he shows viewers how to make perfect dovetails too. You’ll be impressed by how detailed and methodical his techniques are. He also explains why these techniques are important for furniture make and the longevity of your projects. Plus, he does a great job in breaking down complex projects into manageable chunks. Of course, he throws in a few jokes and some good ol’ dad humor throughout his tutorials. 

Nick also explores the world of hardware and tools. He often reviews hardware tools to help viewers make an informed decision. From drill bits to router bits and screws, Nick will show you how to properly use these tools to help ensure the success of your projects. 

Nick’s videos are also full of various types of woodworkers. People from all walks of life join him as he works on projects. You’ll see male and female woodworkers of different ages and from different parts of the world. 

So, if you’re looking for a great woodworking channel to watch, then you can’t go wrong with Nick Ferry’s channel. You’ll get tons of joinery tips, tricks, and laughs. So, sit back and enjoy the show!

Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt

Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt

Welcome to the world of Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt, the YouTube Channel whose jointery techniques will have you feeling like Eddie Murphy himself!  If you want to learn all that the craft of joinery has to offer, this is the perfect starter channel for you. 

Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt is a great channel to learn joinery techniques because they cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from basic joinery methods to complex techniques. They also bring in lots of cool tools and materials, so you can always be sure to up your game. 

Each of their videos is super detailed, and you’ll find yourself understanding the techniques better with each tutorial. Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt also provides lots of motivation to get your creative juices flowing as they go over the design process, which can help you bring your jointery dreams to life. 

Not only is the content top-notch, but the edited of Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt’s videos is something special that has to be seen to be understood. Their cinematography perfectly captures the intricate details of joinery techniques and the beauty of wood. Plus, their insanely catchy background music is sure to get you pumped for the workshops. 

To top it all off, the host of Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt is a true woodworker who has both the knowledge and the expertise to make for an entertaining and informative show. He keeps it lighthearted and always makes sure to answer questions from viewers.

So, if you are looking to learn more about joinery and get inspired, be sure to check out Schiefer Hobbywerkstatt on YouTube. With their topnotch content and entertaining host, they could just be the hub to help you take your woodworking skills to the next level!

A Simple Design Of Ocala

Welcome to my favorite YouTube channel to watch for joinery techniques and inspiration, A Simple Design Of Ocala. It’s hosted by the dynamic duo, Chris and Jennie Lee. Chris has been honing his woodworking skills for over thirty years, and Jennie is his adoring and very supportive wife. Together, this couple takes woodworking to another level!

Whether it’s the perfectly executed dovetails in the wooden drawers for a veneered cabinet, or a beautiful reclaimed farm-table turned into a modern accent piece, this couple has got it covered. They even went so far as to take a big ol’ oak tree, harvest it, and turn it into a magnificent wooden bed worthy of royalty. 

Not only have they created some breathtaking pieces, they’ve done it with their own hands. In each and every tutorial, we watch as they show us the steps used to create the masterpiece. 

They offer several categories that would appeal to the beginner and hobbyist woodworker alike. Projects like wooden puzzles, signs, trunks, and cabinets can be seen in the A Simple Design Of Ocala channel. 

The best part about this channel is that Chris and Jennie offer an enthusiastic and patient approach to teaching. It offers a great way to learn from their advice, tips, and tricks. 

With each post, Chris and Jennie Lee deliver their detailed demonstration of the project and step by step instructions on how to create it yourself. The combination of their knowledge, experience and passion for woodworking makes this channel stand out from the rest. 

Their attention to detail is inspiring. They make sure that each project is done to the highest standard and they take pride in sharing the finished product with their viewers.

So if you’re looking to take your woodworking to the next level and want to be inspired by some exceptional joinery techniques, be sure to check out A Simple Design Of Ocala on YouTube.  You won’t regret it! Watch as Chris and Jennie Lee create something magical out of a hunk of wood!

Dad’s Woodshop

Ahh, Dad’s Woodshop. Now this is one of my absolute favorite YouTube channels. Man, I can’t believe I’m recommending this one to ya’ll, because it’s filled with some of the most amazing woodworking work you’ll ever see from a complete amateur!

David Shearer is the DIY woodworking enthusiast behind Dad’s Woodshop, and his channel is crammed full of homemade projects made from scrap materials, repurposed woodworking supplies and good old fashioned elbow grease. 

And he ain’t no slouch when it comes to skill either: by following along with some of his projects, you’re sure to get some awesome tips and tricks for accomplishing tricky joinery techniques. 

One of the coolest things about Dad’s Woodshop is that all of David’s videos walk viewers through the entire building process – which makes it really easy to follow along and learn something new. 

And on top of all that, you’ll get to watch him truly enjoy the satisfaction of the job done, since each video ends with him showing off the finished product and smiling away. 

If you’re looking for a channel full of inspirational projects with a bit of heart, then Dad’s Woodshop is definitely worth checking out. 

You’ll feel like you get to know David by watching him work, and you’ll be sure to gain some great woodworking advice along the way. 

So what are you waiting for? Go take a look for yourself, and don’t forget about the other 9 channels mentioned too! There’s something for everyone on this list.  Happy woodworking, everybody!


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